Risk description Degree of influence Control mechanisms
Technological espionage. The release by competitors of similar equipment by stolen documentation Catastrophic
A dramatic drop in sales. The inefficiency of the service network. Forcing a company out of the market
Maximal protection of confidential information at all stages. Patenting of technology and industrial design since acquiring of positive test results Licensing technology only to manufacturers that are not related to the company's competitors.
Innovative risk. The release by competitors of similar energy efficiency equipment Average
Drop in sales, drop in ROI
Maximal intensification of project work. Concentration of all resources on the early introduction of products to the market.
Investment risks. Illiterate management of funds Average
Drop in ROI, loss of reputation
The involvement of highly qualified advisors to the management of collected funds
Market risks. The changes in prices for miners, as well as the change in complexity of blockchain networks, affecting mining profitability Low
The change in investment returns.
The development of flexible pricing policy The rejection of creation your own mining capacity, so as not to compete with its customers.
Economic crises Low
Medium-term decline of the revenue base in comparison with the planned level
Work on pre-orders. Lack of own production capacities.
The risks of raising funds. The inability to complete full funds for the project High
The lack of sources for project financing
The involvement of a good company to pack and project promotion with the motivation of the level of funds raised. Consecutive step-by-step fundraising with the demonstration to investors after the completion of each stage of targeted expenditure of funds.
Counterparty Risks. Untimely or incomplete payment for project services Low
Cash gap
The setting of competent work with debtors.
Investment risk. Extension of the investment phase High
Later income.
The maximal degree of completeness of the design documentation and the test program before the start of fundraising.
Tax risks. The changes in the tax system during the project implementation Low
A reduction in the effectiveness of individual businesses
The company is ready to change its jurisdiction if the tax system in Singapore changes.